Sri L.N. Kailasam Memorial Lecture

Sri L.N. Kailasam Memorial Lecture award was instituted in 2005, utilising the grant provided by his family. The Indian Geophysical Union invites every year an eminent earth scientist to the annual convention to deliver a special lecture on Environmental Geosciences / Exploration of Natural Resources. The invited speaker is presented with a Gold Medal.

2005 Dr. V.K.Sibal
2006 Dr. V.L.S.Bhimasankaram
2007 Mr. D.K.Pande
2008 Sri AGB Reddi
2009 Padmasri Prof K.S. Valdiya
2010 Prof. S.K.Tandon
2011 Dr. H.C. Tewari
2012 Dr. Apurba Saha
2013 Prof. B.B. Bhattacharya
2014 Prof. Nibir Mandal
2015 Shri A.K. Dwivedi
2016 Sri Sudhakar Mahapatra