Electrotek & Geometrics Endowment Lecture

IGU instituted in 2007 Electrotek – Geometrics Endowment Lecture award utilising the grant provided by the two organizations: M/s Electotek and M/s Geometrics. The Indian Geophysical Union invites every year an eminent earth scientist to the annual convention to deliver a special lecture on a topic of current scientific interest. The invited speaker is presented with a Gold Medal.

2007 Dr. Sukumar Devotta
2008 Prof. B.R. Arora
2009 Prof. B.V.S.Murthy
2010 Prof. P.Rajendra Prasad
2011 Prof. V. Rajamani
2012 Prof. T. Harinarayana
2013 Prof. Mihir Deb
2014 Dr. Y.J. Bhaskar Rao
2015 Prof. A.K. Sinha
2016 Prof. Mrinal Sen