Journal of Indian Geophysical Union

Chief Editor

  • Dr. O. P. Pandey (Geosciences), Hyderabad

Associate Editors

  • Sandeep Gupta (Seismology), Hyderabad
  • G.R. Ravindra Kumar (Geology, Geochemistry), Trivandrum
  • A.K. Chaubey (Marine Geosciences), Mumbai
  • Elango Lakshmanan (Hydrology, Ground water), Chennai
  • S.N. Tripathi (Atmospheric Sciences), Kanpur

Editorial Team

Solid Earth Geosciences:

  • Vineet Gahlaut (Seismology), New Delhi
  • M.R.K. Prabhakara Rao (Ground Water Geophysics), Hyderabad
  • S.P. Sharma (Exploration Geophysics), Kharagpur
  • Mita Rajaram (Geomagnetism), Mumbai
  • K. Mallick (Exploration Geophysics), Hyderabad
  • Rima Chatterjee (Exploration Geophysics), Dhanbad
  • J.R. Kayal (Seismology), Kolkata
  • N.V. Chalapathi Rao (Geology, Geochemistry & Geochronology), Varanasi
  • V.V. Sesha Sai (Geology and Geochemistry), Hyderabad

Marine Geosciences and Atmospheric and Space Sciences:

  • K.S.R. Murthy (Marine Geophysics), Visakhapatnam
  • Rajiv Nigam (Marine Geology), Goa
  • Vijay P. Kanawade (Atmospheric Sciences), Hyderabad
  • Umesh Kulshrestha (Atmospheric Sciences), New Delhi
  • U.S. De (Meteorology), Pune
  • Archana Bhattacharya (Space Sciences), Mumbai

Editorial Advisory Committee:

  • Walter D Mooney (Seismology & Natural Hazards), USA
  • Manik Talwani (Marine Geosciences), USA
  • T.M. Mahadevan (Deep Continental Studies & Mineral Exploration), Ernakulum
  • D.N. Avasthi (Petroleum Geophysics), New Delhi
  • Larry D Brown (Atmospheric Sciences & Seismology), USA
  • Alfred Kroener (Geochronology & Geology), Germany
  • Irina Artemieva (Lithospheric Structure), Denmark
  • R.N. Singh (Theoretical& Environmental Geophysics), Ahmedabad
  • Rufus D Catchings (Near Surface Geophysics), USA
  • Surjalal Sharma (Atmospheric Sciences), USA
  • H.J. Kumpel (Geosciences, App.Geophyscis, Theory of Poroelasticity), Germany
  • Saulwood Lin (Oceanography), Taiwan
  • Jong-Hwa Chun (Petroleum Geosciences), South Korea
  • Xiujuan Wang (Marine Geology & Environment), China
  • Jiro Nagao (Marine Energy and Environment), Japan

Managing Editor:

  • ASSSRS Prasad (Exploration Geophysics), Hyderabad

Journal’s Aims and Scope:

  1. To promote research in earth system sciences by publishing, as quickly as possible after due peer review process, research outcome of studies carried out by both young and senior researchers belonging to Indian subcontinent in particular and developing countries in general.
  2. To provide a publication platform for young researchers from univesities to publish their works without any hassles in the form of page charges.
  3. To inculcate in contributors publication ethics and knowledge sharing.
  4. To enable national and international scientific community to freely access the contents of the journal.
  5. To promote scientific research of relevance to local and regional environs to ameliorate societal problems.

Editorial Office

Indian Geophysical Union, NGRI Campus,
Uppal Road, Hyderabad- 500 007
Phone: +91 -40-27012000;
Telefax: +91-04-27171564