Dr. H. N. Siddique Memorial Lecture

Instituted in 2001, the I.G.U invites eminent earth/ocean scientist to deliver a special lecture on a topic of current scientific interest. Dr. Harsh K.Gupta, Secretary, Department of Ocean Development, New Delhi delivered the inaugural lecture. The invited scientist is presented with a Gold Medal.

2002 Dr. R.Sen Gupta
2003 Dr. J.G.Negi
2004 Dr. Satish R. Shetey
2005 Dr. Tad Murthy
2006 Dr. P.S. Goel
2007 Prof. G.S.Roonwal
2008 Prof. M.S. Srinivasan
2009 Dr. Sailesh Nayak
2010 Dr. Rasik Ravindra
2011 Dr Satheesh C Shenoi
2012 Dr Rajiv Nigam
2013 Dr. S.W.A. Naqvi
2014 Dr. S. Rajan
2015 Dr. M. Sudhakar
2016 Sri G C Katiyar